Rakastan sua

Today I'm writing in English, because
1) I'm dedicating this for Corey
2) so you Finns can see if my English has improved at all :D


Every day I recall that first day we saw each other, when our story slowly began. Every since I was wondering, did I mean anything for you, did you even notice me, even though in the beginning we never talked to each other. Now I know that what you felt towards me at that time, it was something greater than I ever thought it would be.

We spent one eternity without talking to each other, but after we started, everything happened so fast! Like we catched up that time we lost in the beginning. Although we built our relationship so quickly, being with you made me feel more and more confident than ever before, more open, more happy, more loved, more filled with burning passion! And you make those feelings stronger every day!
"Not afraid to fall, I'd crash and burn, because these feelings I harbor are real." -Corey Golden
I feel so safe. Safe and sure in a way of not loosing my feelings towards you. Because I know they really are real.

I believe God made this happen, this is fate, and I'm so thankful that I met someone like you Corey! All those things and signs what we have seen, they cannot be coincedence. I believe I have found my soulmate. I have never felt this strong before!

This is one of Corey's poems

"Make each decision great"

The day I remember to cherish,
Should lift few years back,
I saw the glow in your eyes,
Never did I think, that glow would be mine.

The days we shared the lovely notes,
I waited for the moment, we could see next,
Somewhere in my dreams, I saw you kiss me,
I didnt' say, you didn't know, how you meant to me.

I longed to hear from you, you didn't realize,
A hundred times, my silence spoke,
Tears rolled down my cheeks, I was in vain,
My dreams dropped, I saw her by your side.

Wandering through the haunted thoughts,
I longed to forget the glow that wasn't mine,
My days crawled, I couldn't forget you,
You can only be mine, my heart paused.

I saw the beauty of life, loneliness kissed my way,
My days went fast, I loved for another day,
Seeing new faces, I felt discomfort,
My senses desired your warmth.

Love is what we are today,
Let our lives depict the lovely agony,
Blushing with a light heart, I kissed your lips,
Those lips are mine, forever mine.

I love you.

I wear my emotion on my sleeves still wondering what true
Love really is I was searching for the perfect love
That one perfect kiss that makes you weak in the
Knees that special someone that you want to
Spend the rest of your life with That one perfect
Person that you can tell everything too I found
That one perfect love I found that one perfect
Kiss and the woman that I can't stop kissing even
When I feel weak in the knees that one perfect
Man that I want to spend the rest of my life
With I found the perfect man I can tell
Everything to I love u my perfect match I wait
Until the day I spend the rest of my life with you I really do love you...

I truly love you Corey Golden II, my lovey, ikuisesti. <3

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  1. awww!!!!! i love you baby ith all my heart and soul 4ever more. all that im doing is dedicated 2 bogr you and I, for our future together i will not let it be in vein or for nothing, but for a purpose.

  2. Hey there, GeorgiaGirl. Your love story is the most beautiful and touching I've ever heard before in real life. I think that your life is not in Finland, it's there in Georgia. From the start, you've been a Georgia Girl, and you seem to be it in the future. Life is not the days that are gone but those that have been recalled.
    -- Dia Essex --

  3. Haha eka ajatus ol se, että HYVÄ että kirjotit enkuks, suomeks se olis kuulostanu NIIN tyhmältäääää.... ;D;D (Esim. sana "rakkaus" on ihan älyttömän RUMA sana!)
    Mutta mutta... AWWW ^^ Tosi ihana teksti! Ja kyllä se sun enkkus on parantunu, tai sitte mun on vaa huonontunu ku mietin miten virheetöntä enkkuu toi on :D
    Ihanaa että löysit Coreyn ^^ Ainakin tässä osassa Kausalaa on peukut pystyssä teidän puolesta! :D

  4. No se (love) asia tuli ainakin selväksi! (positively)
    - papiu -

  5. Mites meinaatte sitten jatkossa, kun siun vaihto-oppilasvuosi päättyy? Tuleeko hän Suomeen, jäätkö sinä sinne? Toivottavasti löydätte hyvän ratkaisun, elämä on lyhyt, nauttikaa joka hetkestä :)

  6. Hei, tääl on jotain uusia ihmisiä kommentoimassa! keitä ootte?! :D
    Meiän tarina jatkuu vaihtarivuoden jälkeen, tiiän sen. Ratkaisu on löytynyt, siitä tulette tietämään myöhemmin tulevaisuudessa lisää..
    Kiitti Jaana (: Ois toi suomeks joo vähän tönkköö ollu.

  7. i plan on making my relationship with Janita in her life "permanent" lets just say that

  8. Since that was written in English, I write this as well.

    I'm fucking crying here (well, actually just mentally XD but anyways). That was so so beautiful! And Corey's poem was so breathtaking!

    Good luck to you both and hope to see you together when we're all old and dying.


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